Wednesday, August 9.

Off to a real English country show. No rip off show bags or dollar guzzling show rides. Just good old country fare.

Take a while to build a table with this lathe.

Lots of this type of stuff.

Basket making, and the little guy on the right was making flowers.

Now over the years I have seen a lot of police vehicles, for one reason or other, but never a police tractor. ‘Farmer Brown you are ploughing too fast.’ Beggars belief.

More of those lovely horses, especially the little tacca.

Bit of the vintage stuff.

And on the main arena, the annual knights in shining armour jousting tournament. Now I have to tell you that this I have not seen, and they play for real. Broken lances, knights knocked off their horse and so on. Knight stuff was hard. 

And the family got into the swing of things too.

Alex won first prize for photography.

Edie starred with her bowl.

Alex again with her hand elephants.

Bea with her magnificent peacock.

Mum Claire, with her screen print crab, and grandpa Mike with his screen print Cormorant. Bit of father, daughter competition there. Think Mike knew the judge.

Shirley in on the action too.

Now Guy, builder of horse floats extraordinaire, big isn’t always better. Here is one example of the English style.

Now you will not see this at any Aussie shows. 285 long sticks, short sticks and walking sticks, all viewing for that coveted first place. If one thinks the bakery section gets a bit testy, then try the stick section. All are hand crafted and some are amazing. 

This was the best in show winner, a fox with a pheasant in his mouth. Incredible detail. 

Well, a Truely splendid day, after days of solid rain, the day was bathed in sunshine, albeit it a tad boggy. No one worried, they came prepared and all had a fabulous time.

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