Thursday, August 10.

This little fellow was sitting on the front of Bess this morning.

Off on a wander round town before heading south.

This was at the car park, now I know why they had a parking ticket station.

Great views in the parkland.

A beck or stream runs through the town centre.

Stopped here for breakfast.

Found a new door knocker.

One of the locals.

Street scape.

Found an auction/ car museum.

This is a rarity, Rover wagon.

Not a Morgan, a kit car.

Spitfire GT6.

Ah, Bambino.

Former Alms houses.

Boot scrape set into the wall.

33 years tomorrow, been married to this lovely lady.

Love a thatched cottage.

Kids having fun.

Ducks ducking..

Time to go, off south. Stopped at the medieval village of Wharram Percy on the way.

Church remains.

Outlines of former houses.

Crux long houses. People one end, animals the other.

Workers Cottage from 27th century.

More Cottage layouts.

Su on the Moor walk.

Su Daws, look what we found in Scotland.

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