Tuesday, August 8. 

Set off this morning for Whitby, as we are meeting Sarah, her dad Mike and Shirley at the Thornton le Dale show. 

Before leaving Hadrians territory, we stopped at The Sill, an eco friendly centre concentrating on ensuring the area survives as it should, in harmony with farmers, the land and nature. The building was only opened for this summer.

Very intriguing design.

It grew from this.

Lots of interactive stuff.

It is a thatchers needle.

These shots are taken on the roof.

Pano from the roof.

I’m thirsty Gaz.

More of the building.

Gambian walls.

Off to walk the wall.

Which way?

This way I think!

Best get Bess first.

Terrible day travelling today. Heavy rain all day, probably the worst we have encountered.

We finally arrived at Whitby, hit the supermarket, and headed to our camp ground overlooking the ocean.

Well if it wasn’t raining, you could see it.

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