Monday, August 7.

Chester Roman Fort is Britains most complete cavalry Fort, and Britains best preserved military bath house.

Bridge look familiar, it has been in a previous blog and is one of three bridges which form part of Hadrians Wall.

Chesters Roman Fort complex.

Remains of the east gatehouse.

Garrison cavalry accommodation. Each section held three men and their horses.

Drainage system to remove wastes.

Another well, still has water.

Romans were definitely into fertility symbols.

Foundations of platform where orders were given and punishments handed out.

The underground strong room.

This lady from South Africa has just taken a photo of Su knitting.

Part of the bathhouse.

Change room.

Wash trough.

Part of the waste system for the bathhouse.

Check out the slabs for the doorway.

Part of the drain system. Notice the lead seal on one end.

Hot room.


Remains of south gates.

Old door lintel, the one with the hole. Notice the smal slot for the Lewis block to aid in lifting.

East wall tower.

Water main into tower.

Iron gate hinges.

What the fort looked like.

Pano of site.

Rather large Syacamore.

Sculpture called 360 degrees.

Some of the finds by the owner of the land in the 1870’s.

Stopped on the way at the Temple of Mithras.

On this mound once stood a fort.

Last stop today, the Roman Army Museum.

Serious looking machines.

Array of equipment from various sites along the wall.

More medical stuff.

How is your Roman?

Can you work them out?

Looked like hard work.

Where to next?

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