Sunday, August 6.

Decided to spend a few days here in Northumbria and look at a few of the sites along Hadrians Wall. The wall, built by Hadrian to keep the barbarians out of Roman territory, extends for 80 miles, from Wallsend on the east coast, to Bowness on Solway on the west coast of England.

VINDOLANDA is an excavated Roman Fort, and is home to the world famous Vindolanda Writing Tablets.

Views across the site.

Sluice for water to run from the well to the bath house.

The Main Street of the village outside the Fort.

Remains of the underground heating in the commanders house.

Drainage system.

Fort wall in mid photo. 

Granary and stores.

Village well.

Carved stone walls.

Wall stones set in cutouts.

More of the drainage system.

Excavations are ongoing.

Natures storage vessels.

Roman mile post.

Section of Hadrians wall.

Interesting, woooden gutter and downpipe.

Sculpture using Roman letters.

Queens plaque.

Sample of the leather sand Les dug up from the site.

Babies shoe.

Iron studs in sole.

Pointy end of war.

Wooden locks. Top is original, bottom is a reproduction model.

Lots of iron keys.

Amusing story re these. Apparently the seller imported them from Gaul, but they were broken in transit. They found the paperwork. 

Pins and needles.

Babies sock.

Selection of jewellery in iron, brass and gold.

Ring which says, mother, father.

Glass bangle.

Medical instruments.

Selection of wooden and bone combs.

Horse hair wig.

Fertility statue.

Pairs of shoes a very unusual to find.

Long day, on the wall trail again tomorrow.

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