Saturday, August 5.

Headed to Banburgh Castle in Northumbria.

Caught this on a roundabout.

The Trapainlaw, on the coast. A large earthen structure. Site of a hill fort, from 1000BC. Contains a great amount of silver treasure.

Just to show there is sun and blue seas.

Nuclear power station.

Banburgh Castle.

Site of many movies.

Lead pipes on the keep walls.

Great rain head.

Bell was moved from the tower because it annoyed the lady of the house.

Happy travellers on the ramparts of the castle. Notice the white sand and waves in the background.


Is your shield here?

Trip to the dungeons?

Rockaby baby.

Boneshaker anyone.

Oak table made from a bridge pier in Newcastle, circa 120 AD.

What a cabinet.

There’s a chair in there.

320 tons of oak in this ceiling.

The drawing room.

13th century screen.

Stairway to heaven?

This is a vacuum cleaner.

Dining room, the small one.

Well it is a castle and needed defending.

The secret staircase to another floor.

Just love this ceiling.

Queen Mary’s signature.

Now they are chains.

This is a chair that converts to stable. Amazing.

Well, which is still in operation.

Shots from the kitchen.

Dungeons have occupants.

The village green.

Who lives here? Descendants of Armstrong, of Armstrong Siddley fame.

Lady in residence.

Nature at work again.

We’re going to stay at…. Actually headed to a camp ground near Hexham. Hendo’s staying at a hotel nearby for our last supper before Brad heads back to London, Guy , Kathie and Nic, off to Wales.

Houses in Hexham.

Bridge and river outside Hendo’s hotel.

A little bit of Zaidee magic.

Playing the piano or playing the fool?

Sticks in your throat and leaves a bad after taste. Actually was quite nice. Collingwood’s are a strong family name around here.

Sun setting on the river.

Moon rising.

What to eat?

It was nice. Great meal, great company. Sadly we had to say farewell to the Henfos as they move onto Wales. Have had an enjoyable journey with them. 

We will stay here for a few days to check out Hadrians Wall.

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