Friday, August 4. 

Off to Dunblane, where Claire spent 1 year as a boarding master at Queen Victoria school.

The streets of Dunblane.

Interesting sign post.

And another.

Doing what it says.

Andy Murrays mailbox. He is a local. Painted gold after he won the men’s singles at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Popped into Dunblane Cathedral.

Cute choir seats.

Clergy misercordes.

Yep, the organ.

Four saints.

Going up!

Great roof.

Nice pew ends.

Must have had a glut of wood carvers.

This is what most people remember Dunblane for. The memorial For the slain teacher and students.

Medieval crypt below church.

Off on long walk up to Queen Victoria school.

Few door knockers on the way.

A Ford Consul.

And finally the gates of the school. The school operates solely for the children of serving military members.

Oh look a hockey field.

Cute one on the way back.

Andy Murray is a popular bloke.

Must be thin office workers.

Why are there doors on the railway overpass.

Lunch at a local, with a couple of quotes, one from a well known Aussie.

On the road again to Edinburgh. Left Bess at camp ground and caught the bus into the city.

Edinburgh Castle.

Old town.

Castle again.

Street performer.

The girl at the fringe festival.

Hotel in the old town.

The Sir Ealter Scott monument.

Nelson’s tower.

The National monument.

Brad and Guy having a better look at town.

Sun setting over The castle.

Interesting walkway.

Walking up to the Golden Mile.

The Golden Mile looking up  to the castle and down it to the river.

St Mary’s cathedral.

Linda, do you keep chocolates under your chandelier?

Entrance to the castle. First night of the tattoo.

Watched this young fellow conduct the Harbingers, a drumming group. Simply amazing. Have tried to upload video, but no luck. 

Look them up on Facebook.com/harbingersdrumcrew.

After a long day, settled in a restaurant for dinner before heading back to Bess.


  1. Love all your posts. Ah, yes we do have a supply of chocolates under our chandelier- until our neighbours come to visit!!!


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