Thursday, August 3.

Varied day today. Brad and I off to play golf at the local course. Girls and Guy off for a walk through town, then Guy off to the Damian’s fish ladder, while the girls drove to the Beautrice Potter museum at Dunkeld.

First the golf. Could be interesting given I hadn’t played for 18 years. Also, being in Scotland, if it was not going up, it was going down. Compensation, the views were magnificent.

Hard slog all afternoon, but we had a ball. Young falls had me down by two shots at the half way mark, but age and cunning came to the fore to square it after 18. No record breaking scores, but who cares?

Clubhouse in sight. 

The evidence.

The girls at play at the Beatrice Potter museum.

Books written.

The life of-

Who lives here?

Children, children, children, CHILDREN!

We’re here.

Look whose in the garden.

Someone wants one!


3+4+7=? Duh, hate big numbers.

Good advice.

Shots around town.

Enjoying dinner. Pesky waiter.

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