Wednesday, August 2.

Off to the historic town of Pitlochry, with a couple of stops on the way.

Spotted this in the park. It’s called a Burton, home built in the Netherlands, built on early Citroen running gear.

Team camp.

Off down country lanes and over quaint bridges.

To our first stop up this lovely shaded entranceway to Cawdor Castle.

Guy and Kathie check out their new accommodation.

Pretty flashy.

Bugger they found a wool shop.

Not bad gates.

How old are these?

Cawdor Castle.

Claire, Brad and Nic outside their summer residence.

Where’s the water?

Small accommodation, and not much of a view.

Looks like they have been here a while. The estate is around 60,000 acres, being run by a 76 year old dowager. Interestingly, 50% of Scotlands landmass is owned by 10 people, and the majority live outside Scotland.

Just adorable. His and hers.

Can’t tell you much about her, she was in the forecourt.

Obviously they had big feet in those days.

This must be the deluxe version.

Shot of the sitting room.

This was at knee height going up the stairs. They might have had big feet, but by golly they were short.

Red visitors room.


The place was full of tapestries to keep in the heat.

Not bad gore irons, but check out the mechanical bellows on the right.

Pick a rifle, any rifle!

The pink visitors bedroom.

Stream running by the castle.

The flow over bedroom.

And another one.

Lord Nelson who visited frequently.

Looking past the bedrooms.

Starlight, star bright.

Family reading room.

Chair with a difference.

Going down to the dungeons.

Inside the dungeons. Not sure about the tree.

Secret passageway leading out of the dungeon.

Main dining room. Interesting ceiling and more tapestries. 

Door to kitchen.

Guess what this is? Answer at the end.

The old kitchen.

Well which still produces water.


Penny farthing and fire pumper.

Australian magpie which used to be a family pet,

Looks a bit like hard work.

Not everyone can say they had an engine named after them.

Family sleigh.

Couple of optical illusions. There is actually only one set in each photo,

Scotch thistle. This plant was about three metres tall.

How is this for an ornate bird feeder.

Couple of giants in the gardens. Giant redwoods.

The gardens are amazing.

Fairy at the bottom of the garden.

Hebrides sheep. Some of them have four horns, similar to the Manx sheep on the Isle of Mann.

Leaving the castle we headed for our next stop. Crossed under some great rail bridges on the way.

Stopped at Grantown on Spey for lunch. 

Royal pillar, where a royal cross used to stand. Story is that three women wertiedto the cross and beaten, for supplying alcohol to the prisoners st the goal. Strangely the cross just disappeared soon after.

Next stop, The Glenlivet. Scotlands first legal distillery.

Couple of soaks.

Watched the local cattle grazing while we waited for our tour.

We were not allowed to take photos, but I think we enjoyed ourselves, some more than others.

This is Sue Daws type of Christmas tree

The bottle your own cellar.

Some weary bodies.

Ruins on the road to Pitlochry. Yes it is raining.

Arrived st the camp ground, where we are staying for two nights. 

Walked into town for dinner, crossing this swing bridge.

Dam and fish ladder this way.

Road bridge this way.

Memorial in town centre.

Stream running down side of street.

Seems tone a theme with these. Saw quite a few on the way into town.

Looks wheels good. Dinner here tomorrow night.

Team enjoying dinner. Waiter photo bombed us.

Great meal, great company. Now for the one mile walk back to camp. Need to walk.

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