Monday, July 31.

Off out to Glenfinnan this morning to watch the steam train transverse the Glenfinnan viaduct. Unfortunately we arrived just as it was crossing, so missed our chance. Would have to get a shot from the train later in the day.

Said viaduct.

Said train.

While here we visited the Glenfinnan monument. This stands on the shores of Loch Shiel, as a tribute to the clansmen who fought the Jacobite cause of Prince Charles Edward Stuart.

It marks the area where the Prince’s standard was raised, by one E H Collingwood, on the 19th August 1745, in a last attempt to restore the Stuart’s to the throne of Great Britain. Despite earl success, all was lost a year later at the bloody, Battle of Culloden.

On the way back to Fort William, we stopped at Neptunes Stircase. This is a series of Lochs, which raise the boats from one Loch to another, rising 68 metres.

Remains of one of the original pivots.

Top Loch.

Looking down the locks toward the bottom loch.

Top of Ben Nevis emerging from the clouds.

Back into town to catch the steam train to Mallaig, on the west coast.

Kathy and Guy.

Brad and Nic.

Claire, and in the glasses, Su and Gas.

The workroom.

Stopped at Glenfinnan station for a short break.

Excess baggage?

Looks like trouble.

Oh no, wrong one.

All aboard.

Engine is not the only thing that needs lubricating.

Su’s choice.

Crossing the viaduct.​

Views along the way.

Yep, engine is still there.

Stopped in Araisag, most westerly station in the U.K.

There’s the Atlantic.

Arrived in Mallaig, off train for a wander and dinner before return to Fort William.

Very pretty harbour.

Island of Skye ferry arrived while we were there.

Su’s dinner, Cullen Skink. 

Back on the train for the return. What a great day.

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