Sunday, July 30.

Headed north stopping at Luss on the shores of Loch Loman, for a cruise around the Loch. It is 25 miles long and 5 miles wide at its widest, and up to 635 metres deep. It is the largest expanse of water in the U.K.

Time for a cuppa first.

Bit of info on the Loch.

Lot of water there.

Our transport arriving.

Team Hendo.

Farming right up to the Loch edge.

One of the many mountains surrounding the Loch.

Happy sailor.

More of those mountains, and rain.

Ben Loman with its head in the clouds.

Nature will thrive on almost nothing.

Even the birds love it.

Back on dry land we wandered through the village of Luss, which was created when one of the clans moved down from the highlands. The chief wanted everyone to live in stone houses unlike the mud houses they had been living in. Lots of flowers too.
Yep, found a new knocker.

Back on the road, heading through the Glencoe Valley. This was formed by volcanic eruptions and glacial erosion. What amazing views.

This is where we are heading.

Stopped at the visitors centre for a cuppa. Lovely stream flowing by.

View out the window of the restaurant.

Arrived at Fort William and found the camp ground directly under Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK.


  1. Stunning scenery.. Are you sure that it it Summer?
    Su, do you remember Don McKenzie? we visited his Aunt at Muir of Ord in 1979!
    Keep the great pictures coming!


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