Saturday, July 29.

Headed into Carlisle Castle and Hadrian’s Wall. The wall forms part of the castle embattlements. 

Entrance to the castle.

Roman soldiers passing modern cadets.

For naughty people only.

This leads down to the original roman buildings.

Gate captains residence over main gate.

Stairs leading down to the gun emplacements.

One of the many store rooms.

Stairs leading to battlements.

Lift inside the keep. Raised and lowered by hand.

There’s someone in the dungeon.

The grand hall.

How thick is this wall?

It’s going to be a cold one tonight.

Must be the way out.

Well inside the keep.

Carvings by prison wardens outside the cells.

Where’s my dinner!😤

Stalactites forming inside the keep.

More of those thick walls.

Oops, whose fault the stonemason or the carpenter? Actually the floor was added at a later date.

Remains of the tower where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned.

Well, well, well.

View of the courtyard.

How is this for a rainspout?

Hadrian wall leaving the castle and heading for Newcastle.

Bit serious this.

Castle done we headed into the military museum for a look and a cuppa.

Been there, done that.

Wooden cross from Ypres.

Widows medallions from WWI, sent to families of soldiers killed in action.

Regalia from 1919.

Wooden wheel and control column from a British Horsa glider.

Section of Roman archway dated from 213 AD.

More roman arch work.

Two jesters looking down.

Lord and lady muck.

Stairs going everywhere.

Now that’s a hearth.

This history professor, dressed as a Jacobite, gave us a long history on the comings and goings in Carlisle  the years.

Where did he get the apprentice from?

Crossed from castle to cathedral through an underpass which displayed machinery through history.

On the floor of the underpass were engraved the names of families who originated here.

Wouldn’t you know it, the Hendo’s.

Lovely flower bed.

Henry viii, has a lot to answer for.

Great entrance.

Is it me, or does he look like scooby do?

Now that’s a door.

Pillars and arches.

Don’t build doors like this anymore.

Superb window.

Magnificent ceiling.

Mary Wueen of Scots face in the rosette on the ceiling.

Another lovely window.

Very busy pew end.

Interesting chair fronts.

Gratitude from the 1500’s.

Vaulting down the transcepts.

Barrel vaulting under the priors residence.

This is what it looked like in 1540.

Alms houses at the end.

Pedestrian door into priory.

Foxy little knocker.

A different lion knocker.

Interesting wrought iron work.

Modern walkway over the road to replace the section of Hadrians wall that was removed.

The wall.

Yay, Scotland.

Arrived at camp ground in Glasgow, where we were to collect Nics partner Brad who had been in Austria mountain biking.


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