Friday, July 28.

Headed off this morning to Goathland. Where you might ask? If I said Aidensfield, you may remember. Try the program Heartbeat. This was where it was filmed. I had been once before, however missed a great deal. 

The old garage, come funeral parlour.

Cluttered inside.

Photo of Stirling Moss at Aintree in 1955.

Garage or undertaker?

Wandered down to railway station where the first Harry Potter was filmed.

Interesting sign on bridge.

Crew looking over side of bridge.

Some of us struggled to see over.

This is what they were looking at.

Shots of said station.

Waiting for the train.

First one an old diesel.

Then the real train.

Pretending to be a milk churn.

Tickets anyone?

Steam engine drink machine.

Lovely iron bridge.

The Aidenfield Arms.

Pint please.

Here they are again.

There was a birds of prey exhibit outside the pub, so the girls enjoyed.

Mic with, Mrs Robinson, a European Eagle Owl, weighing 12 pounds.

Check out the size of those talons. Half a tone grip strength.

I’m free.

Snowier the snow owl.

Highway patrol car



Mk l cortina.

Love the names of some of the places.

An archeological dig site underway. 

Driving across the North Yorkshire moors, on the way to Carlisle.

Stuck in a tailback for two hours on the way.

Close shave on the way.

Happy campers all set up, pizza, alcohol, and great company.

Dutch camper from Den Hagg, who was next to us, who had cycled Ireland and was now on his way back home via Newcastle.

What is she doing?


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