Thursday, July 27.

Headed off to Whitby this morning, stopping off at Pickering to book a camp ground for later in the month. We would meet Hendo’s there around lunchtime. They were meeting Aus friends at Stokesly on the way. Much of the travelling today was along the eastern side of the North Yorkshire moors. Magnificent country and scenery. More on that tomorrow.

Parked Bess at the park and ride and headed into Whitby for some tourist stuff. For those who don’t know, Whitby is where Captai Cook set sail from when he charted the east coast of Australia. Definitely was low tide when we arrived.

Original market hall.

Tall doors!😉😉

Abbey and church across the harbour.

Captain Cook with a funny hat.

Looking from Cook monument down to town.

Strange intruder, old and new.

The culprit, a chinook.

Sand sculptor in town.

Interesting chimney pots.

Bridge from 1300’s. Apologies for the finger.

Apartments on the cliff top. Was supposed to replicate Royal Circle in Bath, but was never completed.

Whitby from the new bridge.

Whitby Abbey.

Hendo’s on tour. Guy, Claire, Kathy and Nic.

Another narrow lane.

Heartbreak hill to the abbey.

Finally found a knocker and keyhole.

Fisherman sculpture out of wire netting.

How many feet have passed this way?

Did he really live here?

Interesting peephole.

Bridge open, yaucht passing through.

Fish and chips on the waterfront and off to campground a mile away.

2 thoughts on “WHITBY

  1. Notice you are rugged up. Hmm….
    Lovely Whitby-did you buy some Jet jewellery?
    Friendly people there.


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