Friday, July 7.

We have had some amazing experiences so far in Iceland and today will be no exception. Not only are we going to walk on a glacier, but we are going inside it as well. If this blog finishes here, we did not make it.

This is our vehicle for the day, but when we get to the glacier we have to change to another vehicle.

Geothermal lake on the way.

We passed through Icelands only tunnel, which travels under the fjord running down from the glacier. The tunnel is nearly 6 kms long, and at the deepest point, we are 168 metres below the ground.

Stopped at the amazing Hraunfosser waterfall on the way. Not very high, but interestingly, the water flows out from in between two lava flows.

​Check out the lava flow formations.

Nature is amazing, even on this desolate lava flows, these are growing.

Cotton grass.

Buttercups trying to sneak into the picture.

Arriving at the tongue of the glacier, we were kitted out in protective gear ready for our venture onto the glacier.

I’m ready Gaz.

Boarded our launch vehicle, literally speaking. There are three, which are converted UN rocket/missile launchers from Afghanistan, with less than 5,000 kms on the clock. Trip up the glacier took about 30 minutes, as the snow on the surface varies in thickness and they needed to inflate and deflate turned on the run for traction. All this happens automatically through a phone app.😳😳

At the top, it’s now or never.

Down we go.

The two dark lines are volcanic eruptions in 2010 and 2011.

Colours are amazing.

The old chapel.

Do we look cold?

Bubbles of frozen water.


Chasm in the glacier. It is 350 metres long, up to 45 metres wide and 200 metres deep.

Looking at the chasm from a different angle. At this point we are 50 metres below the surface and 285 metres from the lava flow underneath. At its thickest point the glacier is 975 metres.

How’s the colour? The 2010 eruption is more visible here.

Happy campers or what? That was truelly amazing and caps off a wonderful week in Iceland.

Back down the glacier to disrobe and head back to Reykavik via the largest thermal springs in Iceland.​

Would I be allowed to do this?
​What a way to end the day. Sadly we have to leave Iceland tomorrow after a memorable week. We have seen some amazing things, had many memorable experiences, and met some truelly beautiful people. 

Back to blighty tomorrow.



  1. Mum said thanks. Had a lovely day – Phil was home and we took her out for lunch. Pretty chuffed passed her driving test. Iceland has been amazing – another one for my bucket list. Have fun. Love to you both. 😘😘


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