NETTLETON –                                                    Su’s BIRTHDAY

Thursday, July 20.

Back on the air again after a technical difficulty. I left my phone in my jeans pocket, and it went through the wash. Buried it in rice for five days, but no luck. Washed in a waterfall and a washing machine in six months, was just too much. 

Have been very busy the last two weeks removing the back of Sarah and Lynton’s house. All done now.

The little girls birthday today. Tick off another one. Has had many wishes both from Aus and here.

Su with Sarah’s mum opening presents.

Saturday we are off north, meeting up with Kathie Angus Guy Hendo in York, then travelling to Scotland for a look around.

2 thoughts on “NETTLETON –                                                    Su’s BIRTHDAY

  1. Firstly, Su, we hope you got our SMS message! My Viber would not work! And the house! It will be great when it’s finished… What an improvement and Lynton and Sarah will have a lot more room… Keep well and do Roslyn Chapel again, please!
    Travel well…XXOO and another one for your birthday , Su. XXOO


  2. Wishing you an absolutely fabulous Birthday and hope you celebrated it well and Gary spoilt you as you deserve.
    Looks like you are having a wonderful time and miss you terribly.
    Love reading your adventures, keep well, hopefully talk soon.
    Much love to you both
    Leanne xxxxx


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