Friday, June 30.

Have spent the last two weeks in Nettleton, carrying out some minor fixes to Bess and demolishing the back wall of Sarah and Lyntons house.

Looks like a cyclone has been through.

Gaz, if you are tired, we will put it back together, there are some parts missing.

Kitchen gone.

Even had time to visit Sarah’s dad and lunch at Nunnington Hall in North Yorkshire.

The three musketeers.

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Throne room.

In another photo.

Check out how thick the wall is.

Maids quarters, there she is again.

End of a roof truss.

Bridge over the pond.

Check out these fire extinguishers.

You rang.

Wood box.

More of those large roof trusses.

Butlers call box.

Miniature rooms, which were done by master craftsman for the original owners.

Sarah’s family.

Up the garden path.

Could of had this for £1900.

One skilled gardener.

Back to the demolition site. Held up by a wing and a prayer.

First blows.

Oops, was that meant to happen?

That’s not a hammer!


Took time out to visit Ursula’s step dad in Louth, who had spent three weeks in hospital. What a jolly fellow.

Today the steel beams arrived.

They’re here Sarah.

Tomorrow we catch a flight from Gatwick to Iceland for a week, so blog will be more frequent.

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