SHUTTLEWORTH – Flying Display.

Saturday, June 17.

Well the flying display commenced at 6.00pm and finished would you believe at 10.00. Absolutely amazing, but first we went for a walk through the estate garden. Loved a chainsaw. All the sculptures are from trees which have had to be removed due to dieing or safety.


These gates are listed due to not being melted down during the war for building of war machinery.

This is not a font, but actually a well.

Stained glass window in the small chapel.

Grotto built in the late 1700’s.

Decorative roof of the Swiss house in the garden.

That is wood panelling in the Swiss house, which is grade 1 listed. That means it must stay as it is.

400 year old tree that is eating the gateway.

This has to be the biggest Japanese Maple I have ever seen. 200 years old.

Truelly amazing garden.

All set for the vintage aircraft flying display. Note Frank with the Spitfire refreshment, Su with the lollies.

And the grand finale. These Edwardian aircraftare over 100 years old.​ They only fly these when there is zero wind, which is very rare.​

What an experience. Recommend this to anyone who is interested in vintage aircraft. The youngest plane was 75 years old.

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