Tuesday, June 13.

Headed of to Roscoff to catch the ferry to Fishguard, in Wales.

Arrived at Fishguard and headed to the campground on the headland overlooking the harbour. The campground website said that it was difficult for caravans and Motorhomes to access. Not wrong. Will take some photos on the way out tomorrow.

Shots of the bay from the camp ground.

Wednesday, June 14.

Views over the harbour on the way out.

Monkey puzzle tree.

Magnificent coastline, taken from the door of Bess.

Headed towards England travelling through the fabulous Brecon Beacons national park.

Stopped at a the Cambrian woolen mills, now the Welsh National Woolen Museum, on the way.

You put the left one in, turn it all around……., and that’s what it’s all about.

Wet washing hanging on the line. Actually samples.

Tools of the trade.

They are all the same.

Now this is a washing machine.

A coracle.

Definitely an old boiler.

Some very old socks.

Just some of what they used to, and still manufacture.

On the road through the Brecons.

We were going to stay in Brecon, but we were too big for the park, Combie size only. Travelled to Ross on Rye, where they were more accommodating. 

Signs, signs and more signs.

They have tall grafitti artists here.

If this was in Aus it would be condemned.

Finally found a different knocker.

Dinner and off to bed.

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