Thursday, June 15.

Spent today in Oxford. So many buildings constructed from Cotswold stone.

Jumped on the bus for a ride around town.
Balconies with a difference.

Monument to the three Marty era, priests who where burned during the reformation.

What, a red brick building.

Mound of soil from the moat dug around Oxford castle. The original wooden castle was built on top of the mound.

Town hall.

and clock tower.

Norman tower, now that’s getting old.

Cheeky little monkey.

Doing what Oxford does well. Row, row , row your boat.

Norman church.

Heads on posts outside the museum.

Very innovative brick layers.

There are actually students.

This post box was placed outside the home James Martin,the only editor of the Oxford dictionary, because he received so much mail.

Su outside the Lolly shop supposedly frequented by Alice in Wondeland. Lewis Carrol, which is pseudonym, was the Dean of Christchurch college for Mathematics.

The pub, The Randolph, which was made famous in the Inspector Morse program.

Had lunch in the restaurant. Note all the college regalia around the walls.

Aptly named, Morse’s bar.

Check out this characters facial structure. Monacle and all.

Red kite flying over the camp ground. We have seen many of these in the last couple of days.

Check out this sunset at 10.40 at night!

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