Monday, June, 12.

Arrived in Dublin yesterday after a 12 day, whirlwind tour of Ireland.

Bus to town for lunch and farewell to Frank and Barb till next weekend at the Shuttleworth museum in the U.K. Su and I went for a wander through the Temple Bar district and drop into the Bas Ass pub for a quiet one for old times sake. We spent many nights here with the O’Tielens last year.

The original Temple Bar.

Coffee anyone?

The Badass bar.

No O’Tielens!😳😳

Sarah, no manhole covers, so this will have to do.

Lovely facade.

The oldest playhouse in Dublin.

Start of the Scandinavian quarter.

Will catch the ferry at Rosslare to Fishgard in Wales tomorrow, after stopping at Shileagh for some walking stick spares, which Hans and I purchased last year.

Another exciting Irish tour over.

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