Saturday, June 10.

Travelled down yesterday from Galway, after tom tom played a game with us and took us 50 kms north first.

Another bus trip today around the Ring of Kerry, and the weather is with us after raining solidly all night. This is the wettest start to Summer they have had for years.​

Windy, see the eddy currents on the waters surface.

Stopped for morning tea and someone suggested we have Irish coffees.

How’s this Gaz?

Too much Irish coffee me thinks.

Irish famine village.

Frank being addressed by the tour guide.

Cut peat stopped for drying.

More of that green.

Remnants of a windmill.

The red lobster pub.

Mountains and more mountains.

Views from the restaurant at lunch.

Sneem for afternoon tea.

Looks cold.

One of the locals.

On the road again.

Technical term for this is, top lake.

Stopped at ladies view, so named by Queen Victoria, who sent her ladies in waiting out to look at it and they reported that it was a view fit for ladies.

There was a Scotsman playing in the pouring rain. Sort of explains the Scots!😳

Middle lake.

Rock arch on the road.

Believe it or not, this is the bottom lake.

The road home.

Another great day. Will head back to Dublin tomorrow to drop Frank and Barb off at Barbs cousins.

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