Thursday, June 8.

On another bus today for a tour of the other side of Galway bay to the Burren and Cliffs of 

The Burren, which looks purple from a distance, but when up close is white due to being limestone.

Welcome to County Clare.

One of the many towers which populate the landscape.

More flowers with a hint of rain.

Stopped off at Aileen cave for a look.  Accidently found by a farmer looking for his dog, and kept a secret for 45 years.

Brown bear hibernating bed.

Limestone formations here are very young, around 2,000 years old.

Gives an idea of how large the cave is, and 2.5 kilometers long.

Back on the bus and through another village. Not just any village, but the matchmaker village, where a festival is held every year for those looking for a partener.

Green and shaded lanes.

Another tower fort.

More flowers and, I think it is green.

Arrived at Cliffs of Moher. Been here twice before, but they never cease to amaze us. 700 feet high!

O’Briens tower on the cliff edge.

It’s not cold really, wind was horizontal.

The Aran Islands of the coast.

Cave which was used for Harry Potter.

Just stunning.

Back on the bus for return trip along the edge of Galway bay.

Yep, another tower.

More of that greenery.

Limestone tessalations.

Everything stops for the farmers.

More tessalations.

Lighthouse, with Galway in the distance.

Chilly Barb?

All these flowers are growing on cracks on the rocks.

Could be another fort.

Nature taking over.

Not a fort, but a castle.

Thatched cottages undergoing rethatching.

Another fabulous day and no driving.😉 Off to Kilarney tomorrow.

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