Sunday, June 4.

On the road to the Giants causeway, with a stop off at Carrick-rede Rope Bridge. 

Yes we are in Ireland, but that low cloud in the background, is over the Mull of Kintyre.

Fabulous coastline.

“Is there a buttercup on here I have to ask?”

Check out the water colour.

Now that’s a big bumblebee!😳😳 About three centimeters long.

Oh island in the sun.

Birds glued to the cliff, or it looks like they should be.

Sea cave near the bridge.

The said bridge, which connects the island with the mainland. The bridge was and is still used by fishermen to access their boats. It spans thirty five metres, and is thirty metres above the water.

Not too wide.

Frank and Barb tempting fate.

Another brace soul.

Fishing hut and boat.

Parking was in the nearby disused quarry, which was used in recent times for filming of The Game of Thrones.

Off to the Giants Causeway, formed through volcanic rock being forced to the surface. Story goes that the stones continue under the sea to surface in Scotland.

This gives an idea of the size.

These are around three hundred feet high.

Anyone for laying tiles?

Very impressive. Some convex, and others concave on the top. 

All tiled out.

Rain held off just long enough for the buses to return to take us back to the main Centre.

All done, we headed for Ballymoney, sounds like a poker machine company, to stay the night and rest our weary bodies after many kilometres.

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