Monday, June 5.

A slow day today, grocery shopping and then Frank and I headed to the local museum to look at a motorcycle exhibition highlighting the Dunlop and the North West 200 cycle race.

Streetscapes of Ballymoney.

That Sarah has her fingers in everything.

This looks familiar. 

Oops, something missing here.

Rare one this.

Even rarer.

The great Joey Dunlop.

The North West circuit in its various configurations.

This is Guy Martin in full flight. Not how he would like to be.

Play mat of the North West 200.

Chapel on the road today.

Arrived in Ballyshannon to find the park beside a lake, not far from the ocean.

Mother Nature doing her thing.


  1. Well you’d expect it wouldn’t you?! My only surprise is that it wasn’t SuperSarah’s shoes. Don’t be surprised when you come across Su’s Yarns x


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