Saturday, June 3. 

Another day in Belfast, rain overnight and a sweltering 17, with the likelihood of more rain. 

Cab into town for a ride on the hop on, hop off bus.

Believe it or not but this is a supermarket now. Far fall from its heyday.

There are lots of these red brick buildings.

Looking towards the municipal building at the end. Sail like structures down the left respresent the ships built in Belfast that were lost at sea.

Now this is how to see the city, get your exercise and quench your thirst all at the same time.

Albert clock tower, which leans four feet to the right and four feet backwards. This is due to it being built on top of the old river, which runs in a pipe 10 metres in diameter. The tower was stabilized in 2004, and has not moved since.

Barrage on river which was open due to a very high tide.

Goliath, one of the two cranes over the largest dry dock in the world. He stands at a formidable 345 feet high.

Team outside the Titanic museum, which is the most visited museum in the world.

The iron girders in the ground represent the actual size of the Titanic and where it was actually built. The museum is absolutely amazing, going from its inception through to finding it at the bottom of the Atlantic. A must see for anyone visiting Belfast.

Sampson is a paltry 285 feet high.

Back to Bess for a rest before dinner at the Indian restaurant up the road.

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