Tuesday, June 6.

Headed for Galway, with a diversion to Beleek Pottery, Irelands oldest, at 160 years.

Impressive building.

Three clowns in the window.

Hand painting the products.

Honey bee pots. We ended up with one of these.

Frank, being overseen by Barb, smashing the rejects. There are no seconds. If the product does not pass final inspection, it is smashed.

Drive shaft from the original water wheel.

This is what it drove, a rock crusher.

Bess looking lonely in the carpark.

River flowing by the pottery.

Remains of an old fort, with a later addition. 

One of the local constabulary, thought we were going to hit him as we had to swing wide to enter the servo. When he saw the Aussie flag on the front of Bess he just laughed.

Destination Galway, and of course Galway Bay.

The Burren, on the opposite side of the bay. We will be going there on Thursday.

Shots of the sun going down on Galway Bay.

And finally, the moon rising.

Busy time for the next couple of days, but at least it will be on a coach. No driving.😀😀

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