Wednesday, May 31.

We have finally been evicted, not really we nearly had to sneak out. Back about 95%, and if to Chester to meet up with Aussie car racing friends, Frank and Barb Cuttell.

They were dropping their hire car on Chester, we were collecting them, and then heading to Holyhead to stay the night before catching the ferry tomorrow to Dublin.

Guess the tide is out.

Headed to the local for dinner.

Thursday, June 1.

Off to the ferry for Dublin. Need to be able to read the signs first.

In the close queue.

All aboard.😳

I think I can!

Too late now.

Bess tucked up for the three hour voyage.

We are sailing!!

Arrived in Dublin, and headed for the camp ground at Camac Balley, near the airport, set up camp and headed to the pub for dinner. This is starting to become a habit.

One thought on “ON THE ROAD

  1. We are happy to say,”been there, done that”! Thank you for awaking our memories! Could suggest what to visit, but do your own thing and have fun! Definitely take more time than we did. Ten days was not long enough! As always, Keep well and say hello to Frank for me please! XXOO


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