Friday, June 2.

Headed to Dublin this morning as Frank and Barb will be meeting rellies in Dublin on the 12th, so we will take them around Ireland , anti-clockwise.

Arrived at camp ground in Belfast, same as last year, and after a couple of hassles with booking, caught the bus into the city Centre.

Girls went for a haircut, same place as last year, Frank and I headed to the oldest pub in Belfast.

Haircuts done, girls were thirsty too.

Thirst quenched we headed off to find a black taxi for a tour of the murals and old trouble spots.

Note the fence still in the background.

More of the fence which divides the Orange from the green. The gates in the fence close at 6.00pm, and reopen at 6.00am each day to keep them apart during the night. There is still a culture of them and us, and the Irish would be quite happy for the English to leave.

The old court house, 

And across the road, linked by a tunnel, is the gaol. Prisoners went straight from the court to the jail and were secluded in one of three wings, Irish, English and the whistle blowers, (who were sent to either Australia or Canada with new identities).

More of that wall, 45 feet high.

Bobby Sands mural. He starved himself to death as a protest.

Very humbling and overwhelming. We in Australia think it is all over, but it goes on today. Not so much the bombing, but the gang mentality exists and is very obvious. 

Back to Bess for dinner and refreshments.

One thought on “BELFAST, HERE WE COME

  1. It’s good to see that your back must be better, Gary! And it is good to see that your new tour has started… we will be waiting with baited breath. Best wishes XXOO


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