Monday, May 29.

Being a public holiday, the three blind mice headed to Hull for lunch and a bit of a look around.

Crossing the Humber Bridge.

Doors on an old tobacco drying  house where we parked.

Tobacco drying house.

Outside the carpark, we saw this, 2017 Jaguar coupe.

Not a man hole cover but a ceramic tile in the pavement.

Looking towards the Hull Minster with the statue of King William on the right.

Statues reflection in the window of the King William pub.

Lovely old building.

Bit of architectural modernity.

Hull Minster.

Magnificent ceiling.

Dance group having a ball.

Memorial to the Falklands war.

Some of the pew carvings.

The other end of the Minster, which is still undergoing restorations.

Love an old door.

Reflection of the Minster in the building opposite.

Barrage gate on the river Hull.

Shots of the old port.

Walking to the cafe, Theiving Jacks.

Interesting lighting fixture.

One of the old lighthouse boats.

Bet this building could tell a few stories.

Even cast iron eventually wears out.

From a time when money was not a problem.

Typical street scapes.

Time to head back to Nettleton.

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