Sunday, May 28.

Sarah has taken her mum to London for the weekend, long, so the three blind mice have been set loose. We spent the weekend cementing bricks in place and boring holes in readiness for concrete to be poured.

Serious stuff this.

Not sure about this manual labour stuff.

Not finished yet!😳

We have water and drainage.

Job done!

Su spent the weekend raking and seeding the rest of the yard.

Reckon she could be stuffed. Was actually asleep watering the grass. Leaning against a gum tree.

She also spent time clearing brambles from the edge of the beck, stream for the uniniated.

After two days it was all we could do to walk to the pub for dinner. Three very tired mice, but I bet the cat will be pleased.

2 thoughts on “CATS AWAY, MICE WILL PLAY

  1. The cat was pleased as punch! Thank you very much you three… clearly I should go away more often 😉


  2. Wow! a lot of changes there and the longer garage! It’s a big job, but it will be so good when it is finished. You obviously had several days of good weather. Love to you all XXOO


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