Wednesday, May 23.

Yep, still in Nettleton, not that it is a bad thing. Lynton and Sarah’s hospitality is superb. One of necessity though. 

Unsure as to whether my escapade down the waterfall in Vietnam, or just a sign of growing old, but I have had a sciatic nerve issue in my lower back extending down my right leg. Tad uncomfortable, which makes it uncomfortable to sit, and therefore awkward to drive. 

Have been to doctor and had a visit to an oesteo, who said that I had hyper extended my lower vertebrae. After manipulation it was much better, and will have another session tomorrow. All things being equal, should be on the road in the next couple of days. 

Sunday evening we headed to Cleethorpes for dinner at the biggest fish and chip restaurant in the UK. Cleethorpes obviously is by the sea. Actually on the mouth of the Humber River, Hull is on the opposite side, a couple of miles away.

The said restaurant, Papa’s. Said it was big.


Food was exceptional and lots of it. 

Sand patterns at low tide.

Great company.

Boys with their toys.

Victorian steps, used by bathers in Queen Victoria’s time, on the foreshore.

Check out the amazing sunset.

Have fitted a 140 watt solar panel to the roof of Bess, so the house and vehicle batteries will always be charged. Fairly easy as she was already wired from manufactures. Control divides the charge between all three batteries. Works well, was putting out 19 volts yesterday. 

Weather has improved, sunshine, and is supposed to go over 32 at the weekend.

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