Wednesday, May 16.

Tuesday, dropped Lyntons Land Rover at the mechanics for some surgery, and then headed  across country to Manchester to collect the Lynton from Manchester airport after his sojourn to Aus to visit his mum.

Wednesday was spend finding the old sewerage line to connect to the shead. Felt like we were digging up the whole backyard. Down to the Sali for some refreshment after dinner. Yep, made it home.

Thursday we were up early, 5.00am, for a trip to Liverpool for the day. Lynton was working at Liverpool college and the other three were playing tourists for the day. 

Parked at Albert Dock, grabbed some breakfast, and headed uptown to look for a dress up jacket for Sarah.

That done, we headed back towards the dock area, through the city, for lunch and then a ferry cross the Mersey, must be a song there. 

An eclectic group of buildings.

Radio City tower. There is actually a radio station at the top.

For those who are not soccer fans, this is the UEFA, (United European Football Association), cup.

Lovely building, which is now a hotel.

Just a library.

Enjoying the city, actually just lost.

Button Street, gateway to the Caver Quarter, where the Beatles started out.

What is it? It’s actually one of the ventilation shafts which pressurise the road and rail tunnels running under the Mersey. It was designed to blend in with the surrounding buildings.

Looking from Albert Dock to George Dock.

Another lovely building turned into a hotel.

Mersey ferry terminal. Lunch in the Fab 4 cafe underneath.

Panorama of the big three buildings opposite the ferry terminal.

One of the Liver birds on top of the Royal Liver building, opened in 1911.

Views of Albert Docks, opened in 1846, the first buildings to incorporate bricks and cast iron in its construction.

Lunch over, we headed for the ferry for a trip on the Mersey.

The said,  ferry.

All aboard.

Where are the life jackets.

Liverpool Museum.

Former tobacco stores, which is being turned into another hotel. Having issues as the ceilings are not very high, given tobacco bales are not very tall.

Clocktower and gates to original docks.

Stores, which is the largest brick building in the world. Contains 25,000,000 bricks.

Two of the eight wind turbines that supplies the cities power.

Container terminal at the river mouth.

on the opposite bank.

Seacombe town hall, built backwards to face the river.

Two more of the ventilation shafts on opposite sides of the river.

Liverpool across the Mersey.

The big three buildings on the Liverpool waterfront. On the left is the Liver building, middle is the Cunard building and on the right is the Port of Liverpool building.

Old Dock area on the Woodside side of the Mersey.

The museum from the water.

We are sailing. Another song here.

The original warning bell at Woodside, before the inception of fog horns.

Entertainment Centre.

Back on dry land we headed back to the car to collect Lynton.

Everyone has one of these, these days.

More of the Dock area.

Looks like hard work!

Harbour masters abode.

Couple of strange carts on the waterfront.

Lynton collected we headed back to the Dock area for a walk and ice cream before a photo shoot with the fab 4.

That done we headed for home, on the other side of the country, three hours away. On the way home we stopped at the Jolly Miller in Brigg for dinner.

Friday, Lynton to London for the day. Collected land drover from mechanics with no noises.

Saturday night off to the Blacksmith in Rothwell for dinner.

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