Monday, May 8.

Took Bess to the park and ride and caught the bus into town Centre. First task was to jump on the hop on, hop off bus for a different view of CAMBRIDGE.

River Cam with punts at rest.

Bibliotheca for Kings College.

Nice on the eyes.

Variety of streetscapes.

Laneway, known as the pit, entrance to Christ College.

Antennas or chimney pots?

Sir Jack Hobbs as a weather vane on the local cricket pavilion

Part of The Catholic Church spire.

Cam river.

Mathematical bridge.

No not Dutch, English actually.

American War Cemetry. The only American Cemetry in the U.K. It is actually classed as American soil.

School kids on the oval.

The view of Kings Chapel which one can see on many post cards.

Jumped off bus for a late lunch and then into the round church which we saw from the outside yesterday.

An elaborate rain head opposite the restaurant.

Into the round church. Not very big actually but is beautifully built.

Amazing fence on the way to Kings Chapel.

Finally able to get inside Kings Chapel. Mind blowing architecture. Much of it due to a donation by Henry VII.

Buildings in the college square.

Southern wall of the Chapel.

Inside the Chapel.

That magnificent ceiling.

Choir stalls.

Stonework is amazing.

Every church has an organ. It was being tuned whilst we were there. Some ear piercing sounds.

More of that ceiling.

Cash box in which Henry VII sent £5,000 for the completion of the Chapel.

Model showing cross section of the roof and how it was done.

In contemplation.

Base of the organ which separates the pre Henry VII from the post Henry VII section.

Main Kings college building.

Headed to bus station to board bus back to park and ride. Headed back to Nettleton after a wonderful two days in Cambridge, which has shown us a beautiful city with all its colleges which make up the University of Cambridge. Interesting to note that once students have successfully sat their exams for there degree qualifications, they complete six months in employment, and then apply for their Masters qualifications without any further coursework or exams. Bit different in Aus.

One thought on “CAMBRIDGE

  1. Thank you for another great tour. The interior of the Round Church was impressive!
    Wednesday am and L. did not appear…
    Enjoy your touring!
    Love and good wishes!


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