DAY 1.

Sunday, May 7.

Have spent the last two days in Cambridge, of university fame. After finding the camp ground, we headed down to the Robin Hood for dinner. Very fine fare and the ales were ok too. Up next morning and onto the bus into town for a spot of the tourist stuff.

Handy looking door knocker.

Found one early Sarah.

Rather impressive front door.

We don’t usually walk through shopping centers, but this one was huge and it was a short cut to where we were heading. Lucky us, we found these in the complex. For those who don’t recognize them, they are Tesla’s. Red one is their sedan and the white one is their new 4WD. Very impressive.

Can only wish.

Stepped into St Mary’s church for a quick look. Love the carving on the choir pews.

Got to love a church. All that history.

Serious doors. Are they to keep students in or intruders out?

Some of the street scapes.

And buildings.

Off to the river Cam for a punt ride. Along the way we would see some of the 31 colleges which make up the University.

Trinity College.


Bridge of Sighs, copied from Venice, but the sighs are from the students who cross it to sit their exams.

Flowers everywhere.

The famous view of Kings Chapel from the river. More on the Chapel later.

The Mathematical bridge. Supposedly originally built with no fasteners. It was pulled apart by students in the early 1900’s, and could not be reassembled without them. 😳😳


Happy paddlers.

Oops, not ours.

Lovely old trees.

Back on dry land we went for a wander around town. All the colleges were closed either for exams or because of the world run, Wings for Life, which was being held in cities all over the world today.

Su outside the oldest church in Cambridge.

The tower dates back to 1025, making it the oldest building in Cambridge.

The Corpus Christi clock, opened by Stephen Hawking in 2008. The grasshopper like creature is called the Chronophage, which is Latin for time eater, and is meant to represent the eating away of time.

They don’t build bay windows like this anymore.

Anyone for a turret?

Kings College Chapel from the front.

Green street which was blocked off at both ends during the plague. When they finally reopened it after the plague, grass had grown up through the cobble stones.

The round church, one of only four in the U.K. Built by knights as a place of refuge and solace after their escapades. More tomorrow.

Very interesting.

Found some more Sarah.

Part of Queens college.

Posters and bikes everywhere. Somewhere around 35,000 bikes as students are not allowed to park a car within five miles of the city Centre.

More of those lovely streetscapes.

Check out the row of gargoyle rain spouts.

Kings college.

Dropped into the The Eagle for a thirst quencher. Actually the pub was frequented by both the British and American Air Forces during the war. They used candles and cigarette lighters to burn their names and squadron numbers on the ceiling. Also this is where, James Watson and Francis Crick made their announcement of their discovery for DNA.

More streetscapes on the way to the bus station.

Animals over the gates of  St John’s college are called Yales. They hate mythical creatures that have the head of a goat, the body of an Antelope and the tail of an elephant.

They sure know how to grow wisteria.

The main court of Jesus college.

The front door of the Masters Lodge in Jesus college.

Cutie in the park on return.

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  1. We have just arrived in Maastricht to begin our long trip south and east. Fraser and Lita

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