Saturday, May 6.

Bess finally uncovered, and has been for MOT(roadworthy), replaced washer pump. Seized like me from lack of use. Had the gas system checked, road tax, (rego), done. No excuses now. Just need to wait for Lynton to arrive back from Aus. 

Have spent the last few days in the yard, tidying up, planting grass and sorting water and bricks for building site.

Walked up to Caistor, an old Roman town for lunch and a wander around. 

Panorama of town square.

Interesting door.

Norman church.

Typical housing.

Lane in the village.

Britians top front garden, 2014.

Sarah off to Newark with her sister Clare to put their mum on the train to Glasgow, and then a girls day shopping. Sarah is then off to her dad’s till Tuesday, when she will collect Lynton from Manchester airport. We have jumped in Bess for a few days shake down prior to heading north on our adventures.

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