Sunday, April 30.

Well, we have been here just over a week and we have seen all weather types. Have not been able to take the covers off Bess as it is too wet. Some sun and blue skies, but predominantly overcast shifting to windy, cold, hail and snow, as per the photo.

Where is the sunshine?

Bit of Australia, gum tree in the backyard.

Lots of flowers out at the moment.

Beck, stream for Aussies, down the backyard.

Building at a halt. Lynton in Aus, and Sarah catching up with drawings. Will start to move on the next week.

Spent yesterday in Lincoln.

Steep, or heart attack street. This runs from the city Centre up to the castle and cathedral precinct. Rises 175 metres straight up. It a wonder they had anyone at church.

City gates and wall.

Canal flowing through the city.

Only restaurant on the U.K. That is built over a canal.

Busy Lincoln, with old city wall in the background.

Family festival day at the castle. Very entertaining.

Courthouse inside the castle walls.

All the fun of the fair.

Grey, great owl. Magnificent.

Serious looking fellow.

Kid among the kids.

Peterson the fool. He was brilliant.

Even had the soldiers amused.


Hairdresser cum surgeon. He was highly entertaining. 

Wouldn’t know it there was even a knitting group.😳😳

Main castle gates.

Prisoners chapel inside the castle. Designed so they could not see each other.

Accommodation was a little crowded.

Great day, lots of history and entertainment, even had sunshine.

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