Thursday, April 13.

Spent yesterday finalizing clothes, jewellery and shoes to go home to Aus. Wandered the streets of Hoi An, just like tourists.

Rare photos of a traffic jam. Traffic is normally organized chaos and everything flows.

One of the many flower stalls.

Hoi An is protected by UNESCO, so buildings cannot be changed including the colours.

Plants grow anywhere.

Stopped at Reaching Out for gifts and coffee. This is a special place as all the work is carried out by handicapped people. 

Stating the bleeding obvious. Signs outside toilets.

All the staff in the restaurant are either deaf or dumb or both. Communication is by the order sheets and wooden blocks in the photos. Talking is discouraged, and the quiet is impressive.

Night time saw us at The Fields restaurant, which is located in the middle of a number of rice paddies. We had been the two years ago and the food was impressive.

Food is still amazing, and cheap, $US85.00, for food and drinks.

Check out these hand basins.

Fed and watered.

Veggie garden.

Star fruit growing on the side of a tree.

Friday, April 14. 

Packed up for movement to Hanoi via Da Nang. Photos on the way.

The dragon bridge in Da Nang.

Sports Centre.

Sun Wheel, actually working.

Remnants of allied aircraft bunkers on Da Nang.

Sacred marble mountain. It is actually marble.

Anyone up for a statue in the front yard. They go for miles. 

Time to kill in Da Nang, so we made a visit to the National Military Museum to gain an understanding of the conflicts from their side.

Mig 21.

Has had a hard life, but they can resurect them here.

Section from a US F111, supposedly shot down by a farmer with a rifle.

Hans, this would work at Nulllavale.😉😉

The little ones.

Very propagandaish, but I suppose they would say the same about our war memorials, and really they had been occupied by one country or another for around 100 years.

Of to the airport for the flight to Hanoi.

Little ones doing what they do well. Read and knit.

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