Saturday, April 15.

Arrived in Hanoi at 10.00pm after flight delay. Into hotel, will come back to that, and acros the road for some of Ursula’s Singapore noodles, or so she thought. 

There was satay, ginger and lemon grass dishes. The only meat accompaniment was ๐Ÿธ and not the Freddo variety. If this blog hasn’t reached anyone, the frogs got us.๐Ÿ˜ณ

Back to the hotel, and here we discovered our executive rooms had been upgraded to the Presidential suite. If you wear glasses, take them off and if you don’t, put on your sunnies.

Having survived the night, we went up to the restaurant for breakfast.

More of the same. Food has been amazing. Off to have new glasses made. Cheap as chips here.

Wandered around the Hoan Kiem lake which is a mythical lake in the old town where there is temple to the turtle Ndoc Son who protects the sword used by Hoan Kiem to slay the dragon.

Flowers everywhere.

These guys were promoting a new Coffey. The bloke has a huge thermos on his back, and caught these two unsuspecting tourists.

Hanoi’s version of the hop on hop off bus.


Knitters the world over speak the same language.


Kids just being kids.

Back to hotel for a rest and then on to the Temple of Literature. This was commenced around 1000AD, and was one of the places Confucius studied.

Happy little chappie.

Bonsai, how old is this?

A statue of a Phoenix bird. The one on the right.


Two Su’s, read the tag.

This was such an amazing place. Back to hotel to freshen up and then off to a restaurant for dinner.

Well fed, headed back to hotel for a well earned sleep.

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