Tuesday, April 11.

Collected by French guide and headed for the mountains to do some jungle trekking for the day.

All the growth is less than fifty years old due to agent orange from the Vietnam war.

Sign showing two of the North Vietnamese tunnels from the war.

Glen and I ventured in. One of us had to bend over To avoid hitting head.

Good luck bell on top of Bach Ma, at 1400 metres. This was a strong hold held first by the NVA and then the US.

You can see for miles.

In the middle of the jungle this appears.

Top of one of the falls, 350 metres.


Left falls and walked further up the river to smaller falls.

Couple of trekkers having a sleep in their cocoons.

One of the many river crossings.

Just one of the many orchids growing in the jungle.

Happy lady.

How far can you see?

No more photos today after phone and I had a slight excursion into the water. Standing on top of cascade, overbalanced and slid, scrambled and descended about 15′ onto a rocky ledge. Ended up prostrate on backpack like a beached turtle. Tad lucky as the next step was abou 45′ to the water. Never seen Glen move so fast. Sporting a few scrapes and bruises. All good though, and Su tells me she did not even think about her Porsche.

Wednesday, April 12.

Spent the day wandering Hoi An and adding to their economy. Will have to organize box home tomorrow.

Dinner out with tailor, who shouted us as we have spent so much with them over the years.

3 thoughts on “HOI AN

  1. It is so good to see your blog live again (and it means you are here soon!). Vietnam looks absolutely beautiful… maybe we can visit one day with you two. We are very glad Gary is in one bit! Gary you are so lucky you did not fall further and that you are okay. Su I can’t believe you didn’t consider the porsche! What were you thinking?? Really looking forward to seeing you both in just over a week. Did Lynton tell you he is going back to Aus less than 48hrs after you arrive? Some people are just so rude! Still, it means I get you both to myself for a while 🙂 Can’t wait to see you. Lots of love, Sarah xxx


  2. Thank you for the pictures! Not too sure that I would enjoy that jungle though… Gary, try to make that incident your last! We are thinking of you all. Tell Ursula that all is good in Shepparton. Love and safe journeying to you. XXOO


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