Saturday, July 16.


and then headed of to Waterford to visit the Viking Triangle and Waterford Crystal.

Apparently a big festival tomorrow so all were in practice mode.

Brass relief showing the Viking Triangle as it once was. There is still evidence of the original walls and buildings.

Obviously this how they arrived here.

The remains of the original fort.

Some not so fierce Vikings.

Up through the narrow streets and lane ways.

Hans told Meike that this was watering can alley.

It was actually Coffee House Lane.

This monument is to John Condon who lost his life in Flanders. The poem below says it all.

Remains of a medieval church built over the Viking ruins.

The new church built next door.

Modern architecture in stark contrast to the old. It does however house much of medieval Waterford.

Yes there had to be a door handle.

As the stone says, it has been here a long time.

Part of the original city wall.

Amazing doors.

This is where it all started but as we know it would be many years later before there was agreement between both religions. 

Headed across to Waterford crystal for a coffee and then a tour of the factory. 

Some amazing stuff. I did not realize just how many sporting trophies are made from Waterford crystal.

The largest champagne flute in the world. Holds 68 liters.

They all start off from a wooden, for special projects, or cast iron molds into which the Crystal is blown to the required shape.

They are then removed from the blowpipe and placed in a cooling oven for 24 hours.

After which they are ground to remove sharp edges and squared up.

They are then sent onto the designers and cutters for the surface designs. These are all done by eye, the cutters having to learn the pattern by heart. They are inspected nine times through the process and scrapped if any imperfections are found. The Crystal is then a full grey dom the machining processes. The Crystal object is then sent to a high security factory in the hills nearby to be dipped in acid. This removes the outer layers of the Crystal, giving that clear lustre finish.

No this is not me.

Some examples of what they can do.

Yes this is the ashes trophy from the Centenary Test. They always make thre of each special order.

This was made for the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

What an amazing visit. To see so many trophies from so many sports as truelly special. 

We left Waterford and headed of through Caher and Mallow to Killarney, where we would be staying for a few days.

Dinner at the pub outside the front gate which just happened to have Irish music. Every pub has Irish music from 9.30 till midnight.

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