Thursday, July 14.

Set off for the short walk into town via the river path. On the way we passed an unknown section. The sign says it all.

The walk along the river was, dare I say it, very lush and green.

Met these two who thought they would tag along. That’s the wall of the castle which runs the full length of our walk, about 2kms.

Bridge over the river in the Centre of town.

This statue is of the national game, hurling. We would call it legalized brawling.

Lots of brightly coloured buildings.

Sarah, here is another one.

Too true. Watson a shop window.

As you can see there is no shortage of stone her, or flowers.

Round tower of the cathedral in the background.

Had to sneak a knocker in.

Views of town from the top of the round tower. Yes we did climb it. I could just fit through the hole at the top if I put my hands over my head. It was worth the effort.

Oh it was a tad windy up there. Fourty five metres up, and down.

This was the hole I was talking about.

Back on the ground we looked in the cathedral. The sheer size and beauty of these buildings is amazing. All done without modern machinery and still standing today.

Up the stairs and find Tielens for a coffee.

Off to look at the castle.

Another knocker. This time on the castle.

Would not want to mow this.

Inside the stables on the other side of the road. Obviously not enough room in the castle grounds.

Interesting pottery in the gallery.

Yarn bombed bike.

More of the stables.

Fountain out the front of the castle, and views of the river from the ramparts.

Sprung a leak.

Walked back to camp for a rest before catching a cab back into town for dinner and Irish music at the Kyteler pub.

A couple of pairs of suspect witches.

After a fine evening we caught the cab back to camp.


Friday, July 15.

Headed into town again for more sight seeing and a look in St Mary’s Cathedral. Yes there is more than one on town.

Lovely row of houses built in the 1800’s..

Headed back to camp via another pub for dinner, after a lot of walking.

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