Wednesday, July 13.

On our way to Kilkenny via Shillileagh. Scenery and buildings are again magnificent.

First a tractor, slowing traffic,

but this is why.

Health and safety at its finest.

This is what you get when you cross a motor scooter with a gopher.( motorized chair)

Over one of the many narrow stone bridges.

Rolling Green hills.

Narrow country lanes.

Even the deer in Ireland dance the jig.

Stopped in Shillileagh to check out the walking sticks of the same name.

Even the greatest visited here for the same reason.

The said shop, where Liz, the owner proceeded to tell us her life story in machine gun Irish. She was absolutely hilarious. 

The Shillileagh is an Irish icon and was originally a weapon disguised as a weapon with lead in the handle. It takes three years to make one out of black thorn, which is light but very tough. They are individually fitted to ones height, as this is important when using them as a weapon.

Hans and Gaz with their Shillileagh.

We then had a quick look around Shillileagh before heading to our camp ground in County Kilkenny, on the outskirts of Killenny.

We have arrived.

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