Tuesday, July 12.

Up camp and headed south to County Wicklow, stopping at Roundwood for the night. 

Wandered down to the village from camp for look around, and yes there was a church.

Must get the stuff in bulk!

This is the highest pub in Ireland. Unfortunately it was closed so we walked across the road to the Michelin Star pub instead, also the second highest pub.

Complete with vintage Morri woody wagon.

Tad tired, like me.

Flowers everywhere. Two feeted variety too.

Sarah, another one.

Another pub.

Now this is retro!

Dinner at the Michelin pub before retiring.


  1. Lots of memories of our time in Ireland. Seems you are having a wonderful time and the weather is reasonable. Will be in UK in a few weeks so may see you. Jan P.xx


    1. A meet up on this side of the world would be exciting. When are you over here? We fly home in sept 11. Currently in Bristol .
      Would love a catch up
      Hope to see you soon
      Su and Gary


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