Monday, July 11.

Met Tielens at that coffee shop again and headed to the Temple Bar district.

Bike in window belonged to U2.

Check out the Guiness truck.

Portal of St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Remnants of New Gate.

Court house.

I understand what the plaque says, but the monument seems to have some recent additions.

The Original Temple Bar.

Monument to the children who were never given a chance. They were conveniently disposed of at birth. This was mainly due to poverty. All the writing above the people’s heads are the names of the known ones.

Christ Church Cathedral

Medieval remains of original cathedral chapter house.

Memorial to the victims of the Armenian genocide.

Archway which joins the Dublina to the cathedral.

Medieval door.

Remains of a medieval frieze.

Views of Dublin from the bell tower.

Medieval window in the archway.

Sarah, check out these chimney pots.

Vaulted ceiling inside cathedral.

Going down.

Photos of the amazing floor tiles.

Ornate carvings.

The tomb of Strongbow.

Yep, it’s an organ.

11th century chair.

Lovely stone work.

Another medieval door.


Into the Crypt.

The Foxy Friars which are carved into every chair.

More amazing door furniture.

A great day walking around Dublin. Dinner at Temple Bar before heading back to camp, and Tielens to their hotel. Tielens will join us in Bessie tomorrow on our journey to the south of Ireland. 

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