Sunday, July 10.

Our camp ground is on the beach at a village called Rush, of the Kerrie kind. Caught the bus into town. Went to the end of the run to see where to catch it later, and then walked back to the Spire in the Centre of town. 

If you get lost, just look for the spire. (Su).

Decided to have a coffee and work out where to go. Sitting in the coffee shop, minding our own business, in Dublin, with all those thousands of people, and look who knocks on the window of the coffee shop. On the other side of the world and Hans and Mieke Tielen show up a day early. We were supposed to contact them tonight to organize when and where we would be meeting them. Travel fairy at work again.  Much laughing and chatting over another coffee before we headed off for the sights of Dublin. With Hans as tour guide we set off for Temple Bar, the pub and entertainment area. 

On the way we passed some buskers singing Arcepello. 

They were amazing and Dutch. 

Found a pub close by called The Bad Ass, where we settled in for some quite refreshment and enjoyed the entertainment. 

It was so good, that we ordered dinner and stayed for the next music session and then watched the final of the Euro Cup between France and Portugal. Great game but Portugal were lucky. France just could not put them away, even after extra time.

At 11.45 we headed back to the bus stop to catch the bus back to Rush and our camping ground, still amazed that the Tielens found us.

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