Saturday, July 9.

Woke up to rain, so decided to head to Holyhead where we would catch the ferry to Ireland.

Weather seems to change quicker the closer we get to the west coast.

Through the tunnel near Holyhead. Drove to the ferry terminal and purchased tickets at the gate for the ferry sailing in 25 minutes.

Onboard the ferry.

About to arrive in Ireland after a 4 hour voyage.

We knew we were in Ireland when we saw this tow truck with a gopher, (motorized scooter), strapped to the tray.

Arrived at the camp ground on the beach, 15 minutes north of Dublin.

Village at the end of the beach.

New thatch roof near park. Sedge has not been placed on the gable yet.

Wandered down the beach to the pub for a couple of quiet ones and enjoyed a magnificent sunset on the way home.

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