Wednesday, June 29.

That fine, or not so fine English weather is still with us, so we decided to catch the bus to Portsmouth for a look around. 

Below is the spinnaker tower, on Portsmouth Harbour, which serves as both a beacon and observation platform.

One of the many square riggers that reside here. Nelsons Bounty is supposedly here as well in the museum.

Hope this is low tide!

On seeing that the ferry to the Isle of Wight was close by, decision was made to jump on and spend the day there. Rain is the same everywhere. Will come back to Portsmouth when we do South East.

On board the cat heading out of the Harbour.

Not much excitement at the fair.😳

My traveling companion in the terminal on the Isle of Wight.

Waiting at the terminal for the islands only train. That’s the jetty in front. All 800 meters of it.

The express has arrive do.

Think the train was as old as the station.

Still raining, so decided to your the island by bus.

The majority of the buildings are built using red brick and flint stone. Very effective.

Girls are lain out like a patchwork quilt.

Just have to love a thatched roof. There are more to come.

Second most prolific buildings on the island, churches. Most prolific, pubs.

Scenery at speed from the top deck of the bus.

More of those thatched cottages. You are able to work out who did the thatching by looking at the pattern on the ridge line. Each thatcher had a different pattern.

This is how close to the road some of the buildings are.

Yes, still raining, and the wind has decided to join in. Oh joy.😳😳

Given that the place is surrounded by water, there are lots of boats.

Pity that it was raining for most of the time as the island has spectacular scenery and views, especially back towards the mainland. It was however, still an enjoyable day, especially not having to drive. All to soon it was time to jump on the cat for the ride back to Portsmouth.

This, by the way, is a two way street.

Not a bad little shack on the water.

 Entering Portsmouth harbour.

Up to the bus station only to find that the last bus left at 7.15, so back to the station, all of 200 metres, and catch the 9.15 back to Chichester. Lot quicker by train too.

Arrived in Chichester and grabbed a cab back to Bessie, a tad exhausted.

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