Tuesday, June 28.

Quite day yesterday, as four days at Goodwood had taken its toll. Time for some tourist stuff.

Walked to bus stop and caught the bus into the Centre of Chichester, an old roman town linked by a canal to the sea.​ 

On the way to the bus stop we passed a swarm of these colorful horse flys.

Walked up the South street, passing a lovely toy shop, 

to Chichester Cross where this 17th century clock tower resides.

On to Chichester Cathedral, with a magnificent bell tower 

and Norman style church. Wouldn’t believe who is out the front.

Remains of a Roman tiled floor.

Late lunch in the cloister garden. 

Greg Luscombe has his fingers in everything.

 Lovely surroundings, looks like a project when we arrive home. Lunch over, 

off to the canal for a canal boat ride.

We saw innumerable bird life along the way including this family of mute swans.

Arrived back at the mooring point to be greeted by rain which put a dampener on any more tourist stuff for the day. 

So it was a quick can ride back to the camp ground. 

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