Day 1. Thursday June 22.

Not knowing transport to and from, we caught a cab from our camp ground to the site. This still meant we had a two kms walk to the entrance. 

The gate to heaven.

That iconic sculpture outside Lord March’s house, this year showcasing BMW.

Wow, one feels like a dog in a forest, which tree to pick first. The range of cars is unbelievable. Lots that you will never see in Aus. To start off with, some of the really old variety, many over 200 years of age. Poetry to watch running. Names of the cars are in the top of the photos.

The car above, our friend Greg Snape drove at Winton a few years ago.

Then off to find George Coad fro Toolamba, who was crewing for Noel Heenan from Mooroopna, who was running the Jack Findlay bike. This bike, ridden by Jack, won the World 750 Championship in the early 80’s.

The team.

As luck would have it, there was this bloke and his bike on the same pit.

Don’t recognize him. Remember the Matrix? Still no wiser? Ok, try Kenau Reeves.😉😉

This is just day 1. Note the crowd wanting photos and autographs. We were just able to talk to him cause his bike was with ours. 

First day over, we headed to the main exit to sort transport. Travel fairy was working again. Bus from main gate to Chichester rail station. Dinner at pub across the road and then can back to camp.

Day 2. Friday June 24.

Up and short walk to train station, 5kms. Need to redress that. Bus to track in anticipation of another great day.

On the way we happened to see the Red Arrows aerobatic team on full flight.

This huge machine is a Fiat. Top of the bonnet is nearly two meters high.

Who is that photo bombing and is she knitting still?

Opel old and new and the clay prototype.

George in disguise.

Alan Jones Beatrice Lola.

Memories of yesteryear, a brace of Branhams.

Another one, Honda’s V16. Noise plus.

Ford GT40, the one that stole Le Mans.

Have a spare £37,000,000? Even that was not enough for this one off Jag, between the D and E type.

Su with a couple of the locals.

George trying to explain that it wasn’t him.

Banners highlighting Jacks exploits, and this fellow wanted to sign one. The one and only Giaccomo Agostini.

Who is that in the red overalls?

What another amazing day. How could it get any better, after meeting Agostini. 

Dull bus ride back, dinner at the pub and home to bed after another long day.

Day 3. Saturday, June 25.

Walk, bus and bus to the track. Yes we found a bus stop about one km from camp that went to train station.

Today is exciting as we were doning the red overalls again as pit crew, and would follow the bikes and F1 cars up the hill to turn the around. Saw these guys in the warm up grid. Aussie Troy Corser and  Foggerty.

Jacks bike on the way up the hill.Here is the video of our ride up the hill climb.​

This was an amazing experience and one we definitely one we will not forget.

Jacks bike on the way down.

F1 cars at the top of the hill being restarted for the trip back down.

Two GP bikes opposite our pit. First one belongs to Troy Bayliss and the second to Troy Corser, and someone with high expectations.

Another exciting day comes to an end.

Day 4. Sunday, June 26.

Through the Streets of Chichester.

A new day and a new Bugatti.

George in deep contemplation.

Caught the shuttle up to the Rally Cross area.

View looking back towards Chichester and The Isle of Wight.

Cute delivery van.

Su’s truck, not really, Ayrton Senna’sdisplay truck.

The Earls little residence.

The teams residences.

This amazing cycle was on our pit also

Su sitting on Kenau’s race bike and Victoria sitting on Kenau’s personal bike.

Electric bike that one its class at this years Isle of Mann TT.

After four wonderful days at Goodwood, sadly it must draw to a close. We have met so many people from all walks of life, some amazing machinery and beautiful surroundings. 

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